What Athletix Fundraising Delivers

Athletix Fundraising will provide all of the technical expertise and administrative support required to run the pool for your organization. These elements include:
  • Assisting your organization in the license application process and post acceptance requirements
  • Prize money security for prize structures exceeding $10,000
  • Providing tickets for sale to the public that adhere to gaming specifications and include your logo and website information
  • Training and support to maximize ticket sales and profits
  • Data entry of ticket purchaser information
  • Weekly winners calculation
  • Website dedicated to your organization displaying weekly winners
  • Prize winner contact and payout
  • Storage of sold and unsold tickets
  • Year-end reporting
  • Territorial protection
We realize that some organizations may have difficulty appointing a "Point Person" that is dedicated to management of the ticket sales and distribution. Athletix Fundraising can also provide support in this area by offering the services of an Athletix associate that can manage or oversee the ticket distribution and sales for your pool.

Athletix Fundraising will be with your organization every step of the way to maximize profits and allow you to focus on what’s important
— your program. After ticket sales are complete, Athletix Fundraising will administer the pool.

In addition to the technical expertise and administrative support Athletix Fundraising delivers, your organization receives the added benefit of:

  • Working with a registered Gaming Service Provider - fully vetted through the registration process with the Gaming & Enforcement Branch of the Province of B.C.
  • A strong working knowledge of the rules and regulations along with the standards and procedures necessary for lottery events
  • Secured cash receipts and disbursements through a dedicated account in your organization's name
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