Here's what our customers have to say about Athletix Fundraising and the Pro Sports Pools:

"Athletix Fundraising made running our Pro Sports Pool so easy. Their organization, management and assistance throughout made light work of what would have been a big task without their expertise. The team at Athletix answered any questions we had and made the whole process from start to finish a breeze, we look forward to continuing to work with them to fundraise for our school. "

WJ Mouat Secondary-PAC

"I've been involved in fundraising for amateur sports teams for over 35 years, and the Pro football pool run by Athletix is easily the most profitable fundraiser I've been involved with. For the group raising money, the game is also extremely well-organized and well-managed, as everything is looked after by Athletix once the football season begins. As well, the game is unique, interesting, and a great value for the ticket buyers. If you are looking for a big time fundraiser, with a huge emphasis on 'fun', check this one out. We've washed our last car and sold our last chocolate bar!"

Hugh Boyd Secondary

"In light of the reduction in gaming funds made available to our club, Athletix Fundraising was awesome as an all-in-one solution to replace those missing funds! We were able to make up a large part of the funding with only one (Pro Football Pool) raffle and Athletix made everything so easy; receive tickets then sell tickets. Nothing to deliver after the fact (we estimated that each member would have had to sell and deliver 30 dozen frozen cookies to make up the same funding amount)! One volunteer in our club organized everything and upon collection it was just a simple phone call to Athletix to collect the ticket stubs. Now we just wait to see who's winning their share of the weekly prizes! Thanks Athletix - we appreciate the support!"

Delta Lacrosse Association

"With the cuts in government contributions this year, and with more to follow, the football pool was a great revenue generator for our club. We found the concept easy to sell to the public and once the ticket sales were complete, Athletix handled the rest."

Surrey Rams Football Team

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